Here's why clients trust Xtreme Technology for Managed Services.

You call the shots.

We give you complete control over the nature of your Managed Services contract. You can choose its length, whether it includes on-site service or simply support phone calls, and opt-out conditions. Not sure what you need? We’ll talk you through all your options.


Proactive support.

We don’t wait until you call us with a Code Red. Rather, our technicians will constantly monitor your IT systems, checking RAIDS, hard drive back-ups and more to make sure everything is running smoothly. Our friendly team draws on vast collective knowledge and invests in ongoing training to ensure that you always receive the very best support.


Fix it then and there.

If your computer or network is under warranty and suffers a meltdown, we’ll fix it then and there. If it’s no longer under warranty, we’ll assess the urgency of the problem and provide immediate costing so you can make a quick decision on when to get it fixed.

With our broad technology experience – spanning commercial copiers, IT systems and managed services – we will seamlessly integrate all of your IT systems so that your business operates in the most efficient and easy way possible.